RIMEA is a Membership Based Consulting and Capacity Building Company committed to streamlining and promoting Best Practices in Records and Information Management in East Africa.


  • Records Management Officers, Records Management Managers
  • Library Professionals
  • Knowledge Management Officers
  • ICT Managers, ICT Officers
  • Archivists
  • Students in Information Science/Management
Membership Category Eligibility Entrance & Subscription Fees (KShs.)
Senior Partners Highest category of Membership to persons who have contributed immensely to the growth and development of Records and Information Management in the region. Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: Ksh. 5,000/Tzs. 110,000/Ugx. 178,000/ Usd. 50
Academic Members This is awarded to Members actively involved in Capacity Building/Training in the Field of Information management in organizations and Institutions recognized by RIMEA Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: 2,000/Tzs 45,000/Ugx. 72,000/ Usd. 20
Member Members who are actively involved in Records and Information Management. In addition, applicants must show evidence of continuous professional development. Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: 2,500/Tzs. 56,000/Ugx. 89,000/ Usd. 25
Student Member Open to students in universities, polytechnics and other middle level institutions recognized by RIMEA are interested in RIMEA membership. Proof of Student status must be valid. Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: Ksh. 500/Tzs. 12,000/Ugx. 18,000/Usd. 5


  • Networking opportunities
  • Increase the level and scope of knowledge about developments in Records & Information Management
  • Increase professional networking among the professionals
  • Improve the image and status of the Records & Information Management Profession
  • Increase the visibility and adoption of good records and information management professionals’ principles
  • Professional Events and Training to increase efficiency and exposure of the professionals
  • Technical training to increase industry automation
  • Job placement and partnerships for training
  • Professional development
  • Education
  • Discounted or free publications
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Resume builder
  • Job Hunting


  • Networking Events
  • Conferences
  • Public Lectures
  • CPD Programs


All Members are required to obtain a Minimum of 10 CPD Points to renew Membership

Activity Description Points Proof
Conferences/ Workshops RIMEA Conferences/Workshops 2 CPD Point per day Certificate
Presentations Making presentations on invitation at conference, workshop, or seminar; giving lectures at college or university 3 CPD Points Per day Letter of Appreciation
Publication Publication of an Original Article, Research or Case Study in the (more 400 words) 1 CPD Points per article published Link
Events Networking Events by RIMEA 1 Point per Event  Certificate
eLearning programs One Day eLearning programs (Four Hours) 1 CPD Point Certificate


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