Starting this June 2020, RIMEA is introducing virtual classes open to everyone. For the month of June, we shall run one day classes from 9am to 3pm with prior registration required for ease of management of the classes and tuitions.

National Librarians Conference 2019


Classes Dates
Active Files Management 2nd June 2020, 6th July 2020  
Basic Records Management Training 4th June 2020, 4th July 2020
Setting & Management of Records Centers and Archives Training 6th June 2020, 2nd July 2020
Correspondence Management 8th June 2020, 30th June 2020
Knowledge Management 101 10th June 2020, 27th June 2020
Records Management Fundamentals 12th June 2020, 25th June 2020
Records Management System 15th June 2020, 23rd June 2020
Record Management Processes 17th June 2020, 20th June 2020
Records Control 19th June 2020,
Records Management Policy 22nd June 2020, 16th June 2020
Protecting Vital Records 24th June 2020, 13th June 2020
Monitoring and Auditing of Records Management System 26th June 2020, 11th June 2020
Electronic Records Management 29th June 2020, 9th June 2020
Records Management Standards 1st July 2020, 5th June 2020
Basic KOHA Introduction 3rd July 2020, 3rd June 2020

To apply for a class as well as register, kindly click on this link; Virtual Class Registration

For more information, kindly email us on or call us on +254770694598, +254757474299, +254782884818

This June, the main areas to be covered shall be Records Management, Electronic Records Management and Archiving

July is set for Information Security and Cloud Computing