RIMEA has built a reputation on providing quality document scanning, document management and document indexing services. From contracts, HR files, Supply Chain Documentation, Operation Transactional Documents, Correspondences, Legal Documents, Research reports, among other organizational documents, our team provides an end to end digitization solution.

Scanning paper documents into digital image format are the first step of data digitization process. We have a well-experienced staff to manage the whole process of digitizing from pre-scanning, scanning, OCR, uploading and Indexing and Implementing Document management software ensuring end-to-end support.

Our high-speed scanners scan physical documents into digital images creating a layer of security, and often convenience. Document Management creates a repository on premise with an option on having the backup of scanned documents on the cloud. With robust access and workflows, it allows much easier and faster to find and use the required document giving better response time to the business.

Our document management software gives the users an easy and quick tool to upload multiple documents in one go without downloading or installing any software component or plug-in on the the device.

Document indexing is the process of tagging or associating ‘search’ terms to documents. In other words, indexing makes the document ‘searchable’. Document Management System Repository or Library is used to centrally manage a pre-defined vocabulary ensuring that documents are indexes (tagged/classified) in a meaningful way when added or checked into the software. Building and managing this controlled vocabulary is essential in the process of implementing the Paperless Office.

Our on-site scanning solutions are geared to best fit a client’s current and future requirements from 100 pages to millions.

You can enquire about our scanning services via email consult@rimeastafrica.org or call us on +254770694598