Tender Documentation Services

As organizations seek to be prequalified to selected categories, tender for jobs as well as present quotations, at RIMEA we provide Tender Documentation Services.

About the Service

Tender Documentation Service is a service offered by RIMEA for preparation and submission of documentation for consideration as suppliers

This Service covers

  1. Presentation and delivery of Proposals
  2. Preparation of documentation for prequalification
  3. Preparation of documentation for tender submissions
  4. Response to RFQs
  5. Submission of Quotes

The service helps the client to: –

  • Enable you to submit proper documentation
  • Timely delivery of the documentation
  • Periodic update of documentation

In the event of Joint Ventures, our Service enable each party to submit documentation and prepare the same with the specified time

This service is offered to clients both locally and internationally seeking to submit various tenders

So why us:

  • Saves time
  • Less costly
  • Increased prequalification chances
  • Increased chances of tender winning due to proper documentation
  • Increase compliance due to need to submit proper documents
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement for client confidentiality

PS: We also train your Staff on Tender Processes and Documentations

Try our service

For more information, contact Norah on consult@rimeastafrica.org or rimeastafrica@gmail.com

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