2021 Business Process Automation conference and DIGITIZATION CONFERENCE- East Africa

September 2021

A week Long Conference for Administration Officers and Secretaries.


The 2021 Theme is: Knowledge Management and Ease of Service Delivery

October 2021

The RIMEA County Records Management Officers Annual Conference provides an opportunity for Records Management across all counties to share their experiences as well as learn new ways to manage records


Theme: My Part in Service Delivery

November 2021

The RIMEA Annual Records and Information Management Conference.


The theme for 2021 Conference is ‘The Modern Records and Information Manager Meets You’

December 2021

Within a legal context, records serve several functions. They support legal rights and obligations within the legal system. They provides evidence or proof that a particular activity took place. They contribute to accountability in organisations and in government.

legal officers and company secretaries conference on eboard
RIMEA Sacco Digitization Conference 2021

December 2021

The purpose of digitalisation is to enable automation, increase data quality, and collect and structure all that data so we can apply advanced technology, such as better and smarter software.

February 2022

Building on Last years Conference, the 2022 National Librarians Conference presents us with a view of the global trends in Modern Library Management

March 2022

The Annual Parastatals and Independent Commissions Records and Information Management Conference 2022


Conference Theme: Compliance and Disposition 

April 2022

Join us for this Conference as we explore ways through which Knowledge Management is a key foundation in great institutions

Theme: Ensuring seamless Service Delivery and Effective Knowledge Sharing

May 2022

CEOs are key to Records Management. We host CEOs from across the divide for a three days conference on Records Management and Digitization


Theme: The CEOs Next Best Tool

June 2022

Automation and Digitization are at heart of every CEO. This June 2022, we invite you to a 5 Days Conference on Digitization and Automation


Theme: Effective Digitization and Automation

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