The Records Network end of year dinner slated for today

After a successful 2016 that saw over 400 people attend the workshops and seminars organized by the organization, as well as relaunch of the Records and Information Management Professionals in East Africa (RIMPEA) Network, today over 40 Records Officers drawn from both private and public sector meet fro the RIMPEA 2016 Dinner whose theme is: The Role of Records Manager in Service Delivery and Automation.RIMPEA DInner

To date the RIMPEA network has been the single largest network of records professionals in the region with regular meetings and events.


Welcome to the Customer Service, Communication and Basic Information Management Workshop


Records and Information Management East Africa (RIMEA),  will hold a CUSTOMER SERVICE, COMMUNICATION AND BASIC INFORMATION MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP from the 6th to 9th December 2016 at the Lake Naivasha, Panorama Park, Naivasha, Kenya


Customers are the life-blood of any business so providing great customer service is critically important. Your customers expect to receive the same quality of customer service as what they perceive they are giving. Keeping your customers satisfied needs to be the goal of everyone in your organization.


Document Management Systems (DMS) Buyers Guide

Document management is a universal problem of businesses of all sizes. A single customer may have files in multiple locations, and their file might be touched by multiple departments.

For example, let’s consider the information flow as a customer’s file moves from sales to operations to accounting.

Each department has different information they collect and store to do their job,  but it’s not critical or necessary to give every department access to the entire record. Why would the operations department need access to a customer’s payment information?

Without an effective, uniform management system in place, each department will attempt to build a system independent of other departments to help them manage their documents and workflow more efficiently.

Very little effort is given to proper document management and integrating the various systems.  This causes compatibility issues with how data is stored, and exacerbates the issue of multiple records for one customer.