Demystifying the The Intranet and Extranet

The intranet is essentially a small-scale version of the internet, operating with similar functionality, but existing solely within the firm. Like the internet, the intranet uses network technologies such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). It allows for the creation of internal networks with common internet applications that can allow them to communicate with different operating systems (Newell et al 2000).

Although it need not be, the intranet is usually linked to the internet, where broader searches are implemented. However, outsiders are excluded through security measures such as firewalls.


Mailroom Management Strategies and Tips

A well-managed mailroom is a crucial element of any successful business. For over two decades, Cambridge Corporate Services has improved the mailroom management logistics of numerous Fortune 100 companies and some of New York’s most reputable businesses. We grasp the various aspects of what makes a mailroom consistently reliable and secure, all while seamlessly integrating these practices within your company’s unique corporate culture.

Best Mailroom Practices Involve People, First and Foremost

The logistics of mailroom management matter for any business that values timely communication and security. Some aspects of quality mailroom management – like easily recognizable sorting, organized sort modules, and implementing bulk sort units – should be integrated into most corporate mailrooms. But truly great practices for corporate mailrooms start with an element that varies from company to company: the people. Our experienced managers and staff work closely with your business’ team to identity where great practices fit best within your own corporate culture and day-to-day operations.


Mailroom Management Essentials for Business

Mail centers are critical to successful business operations. Inefficient mailroom management is costly and can puts companies at risk for compliance infractions that can result in heavy fines. Planning for a streamlined, highly effective mail center that’s efficient and compliant is a requirement in today’s communication-intensive, highly regulated business environment.

Streamlined mailroom management satisfies businesses need for:

  • Effective client communications
  • Precise mail handling that meets business needs and regulatory compliance
  • Efficient workflow that reduces the cost of document handling on the business

Customer Service, Communication and Information ManagementMAIL CENTER REQUIREMENTS

The mail center is the place where business communications are processed, printed and