How to Write a Powerful Business Case for Implementing an EDMS

Electronic document management systems have been gaining greater traction globally over the last decade. With technology advancing quicker than ever before, why isn’t everyone already using an EDMS in their organization? The simple truth is that moving from paper to electronic document management requires a significant amount of organizational change that has to be properly planned and approved by key members of the management team.

As with any potential change, the key to completing this transition successfully is in presenting a compelling business case for shifting to a paperless work environment. This business case must address and evaluate several factors including; alignment with the overall business strategy, demonstrating an attractive ROI, highlighting a clear understanding of the risks associated with the change, presenting a clear and cohesive high-level plan and, of course, understanding how to measure and communicate success throughout the transition.

This article will outline the key steps and the questions you need to ask when putting together a powerful business case for implementing an EDMS.


The Knowledge Management Concept

2nd Electronic Document Management Systems Workshop: Digitizing Records and Automation of Processes & Workflows (14th to 18th November 2016)

According to TechTarget Knowledge management is the simply the concept in which an institution gathers, organizes, shares, and examine its knowledge on the basis of resources, documents, and people skills. Knowledge management involves the process of data gathering and methods of operation to disseminate information to users. A proper knowledge management plan involves a survey of corporate goals and a close examination of the tools, both traditional and technical, that are required for addressing the needs of the company although one of its major challenges is building a system that encourages employees to use and share information.