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RIMEA is a Membership Based Consulting and Capacity Building Company committed to streamlining and promoting Best Practices in Records and Information Management in East Africa.

Who we Are

RIMEA is a Membership Based Consulting and Capacity Building Organization Committed to streamlining Records and Information Management in Organizations in Eastern Africa. RIMEA was registered in 2013.

Mission Statement:

“To become a global leader in Information Management, Business Process Management and Business Continuity”

Our Vision:

We inspire individuals and organizations to work more effectively and efficiently. Our business has a positive impact on millions of people every day. Helping people improve service delivery and manage information better is what we love to do


(Current Membership as at January 2018 is 3,076)

  • Records Management Officers, Records Management Managers
  • Library Professionals
  • Knowledge Management Officers
  • ICT Managers, ICT Officers
  • Archivists
  • Students in Information Science/Management



Our Membership is drawn from Private and Public Sector

Membership Category Eligibility Entrance & Subscription Fees (KShs.)
Senior Partners Highest category of Membership to persons who have contributed immensely to the growth and development of Records and Information Management in the region. Annual Subscription Ksh. 5,000/Tzs. 110,000/Ugx. 178,000/ Usd. 50
Academic Members This is awarded to Members actively involved in Capacity Building/Training in the Field of Information management in organizations and Institutions recognized by RIMEA Entrance fee: 2,000/Tzs 45,000/Ugx. 72,000/ Usd. 20
Annual Subscription: 3,000/Tzs. 67,000/Ugx. 107,000/Usd. 30
Member Members who are actively involved in Records and Information Management. In addition, applicants must show evidence of continuous professional development. Entrance fee: 2,000/ Tzs 45,000/Ugx. 72,000/Usd. 20
Annual Subscription: 2,500/Tzs. 56,000/Ugx. 89,000/ Usd. 25
Student Member Open to students in universities, polytechnics and other middle level institutions recognized by RIMEA are interested in RIMEA membership. Proof of Student status must be valid. Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: Ksh. 500/Tzs. 12,000/Ugx. 18,000/Usd. 5


Why Join

  • Networking opportunities
  • Increase the level and scope of knowledge about developments in Records & Information Management
  • Increase professional networking among the professionals
  • Improve the image and status of the Records & Information Management Profession
  • Increase the visibility and adoption of good records and information management professionals’ principles
  • Professional Events and Training to increase efficiency and exposure of the professionals
  • Technical training to increase industry automation
  • Job placement and partnerships for training
  • Professional development
  • Education
  • Discounted or free publications
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Resume builder
  • Job Hunting



  • Networking/ Monthly Meet Ups
  • Conferences
  • Public Lectures


Renewal and CPD Points

All Members are required to obtain a Minimum of 10 CPD Points to renew Membership

Activity Description Points Proof
Conferences/Workshops RIMEA Conferences/Workshops 2 Point per day Certificate
Presentations Making presentations on invitation at conference, workshop or seminar; giving lectures at college or university 5 Points Per day Letter of Appreciation
Publication Publication of an Original RIMEA Article, Research or Case Study in the RIMEA RIM Manager, RIMEA Librarian or other journals 3 Points Link
Events Networking Events by RIMEA 1 Point per Event  



For information on Membership, use

Chairperson: Charity Kimwama-


Persons wishing to apply for any Membership can apply and the Membership Committee shall appraise and determine Membership to RIMEA