About eBoard Systems

eBoard Solutions are modern day technologies that allow organizations to run meeting effectively, without paperwork.

Board members make decisions based on their understanding of presented information. Decision makers welcome eBoard as a reliable system with its main features as follows:

  • adaptability to the structure of organization
  • simple to use
  • time saving
  • vertical collaboration
  • controlled and safe access to documents
  • paperless meetings

At eBoard solution supported meetings, members are presented with a clear and transparent agenda overview, they have access to their own documents as well as documents from the area of organizational structure, they can comment and exchange notes with other participants of a meeting. In this way, electronic meetings are based on documentation compiled during the collaboration phase, so there is no need to actually print documents.

The solutions has key areas

  1. Minutes Tab
  2. Documentation Tab
  3. eVoting Tab

Minutes Tab

Minutes are vital records for any organization.

In each meeting (Chama/Company or any formal setting), the secretary (directors) is always tasked with ensuring the minutes which form the basis for any future reference.

In Records Management, the minute Book is a vital record with enduring value and no disposal date


Documentation Tab

For effective management, various reports, documents are essential for members as well as board members.

The documentation tab ensures that the Company/Chamas/Self Help/Investment Clubs can upload documents for various reasons:

  1. Members information
  2. Reports
  3. Directors Reports

This tab:-

  1. Access control option
  2. Document protection from download and copy option
  3. No editing option

eVoting Tab

Modern day business means that voting for crucial decisions can be done by members/board even in instances when they are away.

For elections for board members and other investment items, members can be able to vote an follow the results on the control panel

Purpose of eVoting:-

  • To eliminate paper in the voting process. This involves sending of notices and ballot papers and receiving the said ballot votes.
  • Facilitate electronic voting on resolutions of companies in a fair and transparent manner for all classes of security/stakeholders.
  • Enable security holders to vote at a time and place of their convenience.
  • Eliminate postal and other natural delays which cause a hindrance to postal ballot.
  • Increase shareholder participation in shareholder meetings.


For a DeMO

For actual demo and deployment please drop an email to consult@rimeastafrica.org or call +254770694598/725474299 for information