Mailroom Management Essentials for Business

Mail centers are critical to successful business operations. Inefficient mailroom management is costly and can puts companies at risk for compliance infractions that can result in heavy fines. Planning for a streamlined, highly effective mail center that’s efficient and compliant is a requirement in today’s communication-intensive, highly regulated business environment.

Streamlined mailroom management satisfies businesses need for:

  • Effective client communications
  • Precise mail handling that meets business needs and regulatory compliance
  • Efficient workflow that reduces the cost of document handling on the business

Customer Service, Communication and Information ManagementMAIL CENTER REQUIREMENTS

The mail center is the place where business communications are processed, printed and

County Building Information Management System Workshop to streamline the Process

In light of the persistent poor housing crisis in Nairobi and the call to audit all the building, RIMEA wishes to invite the County Government to nominate participants for a 3 Days Workshop dubbed “Making Nairobi Safe Again”

Nairobi County Building Information Management System Workshop

The Workshop will cover:-

  • Running a Records Audit of all Approvals
  • Development of a Building Knowledge Management Portal
  • Overview of the “Integrated Building Information Management System” an ICT system developed to automate and streamline building and construction approvals and document authentication
  • Lands, Housing and Physical Planning records digitization: approvals
  • Nairobi Building address system for easy auditing and compliance checks

The Leadership and Library Management Workshop was a Success

RIMEA held its first ever workshop for Library Management Professionals on the 27th to 29th April in Naivasha Kenya.

The Workshop whose theme was on Leadership and library Management in the country attracted participants from Kenya Revenue Authority, Kengen, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Mining, East African School of Aviation, Tom Mboya Labour College as well as Commission for University Education.