Short Course on Leadership, Governance and Records Management

RIMEA has organized a 3 Weeks Short Course on Leadership, Governance and Records Management from the 25th March 2019 to the 12th April 2019 at the Travelers Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya.

The Course is designed for Section Heads, Administration Officers, ICT Managers, HR Officers, Procurement Officers, Finance Officers, Records Management Officers, Executive Secretaries/Personal Assistants in Government, International Organizations, Private Institutions.

How Participants will benefit

By the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Know the difference between leadership and management and when to apply each function
  • Understand the wide range of skills they will need possess to be an effective leader and manager
  • Know a range of leadership approaches and the situations each should be used in
  • Be able to get the team to a high performing standard in a shorter period as possible
  • Have built a clear development plan to develop the skills learnt in the workshop further.
  • Apply essential skills of leadership to achieve organizational goals,
  • Apply knowledge of human behavior and why people behave as they do as a key to gaining their commitment;
  • Understand people’s needs so as to motivate them & meet organizational demands
  • Apply effective coaching skills to enable subordinates perform optimally;

Topics to be handled

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Management Function
  3. Organizational visions, missions, values
  4. Etiquette
  5. Effective leadership
  6. Strategic leadership
  7. Relationships and Networking
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Ethics
  10. Codes of conduct and standards in public life
  11. Information Technology Solutions
  12. Effective Records Management
  13. Standardized Operating Procedures
  14. Records Management Policies and Standards
  15. Document management Solutions
  16. eCommunication and eGovernment
  17. Disaster Management and Preparedness



Travelers Beach Hotel, Mombasa, KENYA



25th March to 12th April 2019



Fees: Ksh. 143,500 or 1,450 USD (VAT EXCL) per person

Payment Details: To cover tuition and training materials only

IFMIS Number: 769373

NITA Number: NITA/TRN/1484

Deadline for Registration is the 3rd March 2019 via or +254770694598

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